Marketing isn’t about reaching everyone—it’s about reaching the right ones.

The massive, mysterious, multipart campaign touched every corner of culture and got people searching for more by the millions.


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We created nine different projects that rhyme with “MailChimp.”

MailChimp believes doing things your way isn’t just more fun; it’s the best way to grow a business. So we took an approach that celebrated the individuality and creativity at the core of its business—and its market.

Inspired by the now-famous mispronunciation of “MailChimp” in the credits of hit podcast Serial, we developed nine different mini campaigns using the brand’s own model of sharply targeted marketing to reach potential customers.

Gallery for Indigo Sky Website

We made waves in the music world.

A collab between Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes and Solange-favorite Bryndon Cook quickly racked up over 1.3 million streams and got glowing reviews from Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, to name a couple. Our whale-sound synthesizer caught the attention of noisemaker Brian Eno. A collab between Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes and Solange-favorite Bryndon Cook quickly racked up over.

Beautifully designe

We created stunning headers throughout the page. A beautifully designed header can be the difference between losing an attendee and keeping one!

The header is the first thing users have to interact with and even though it is often overlooked, we haven’t forgotten about the beauty of a well developed header, calls to action and navigation.

They want to experience Kingdom Domain

Using quality photography is a necessity in this visual world. We used photographs from previous years not only show the visitor the pictures, but can also make them want to act. People no longer just want to browse a website, they want to experience Kingdom Domain.

We chose photos that depict conference atmosphere, positive emotions and contain people, two things that have been shown to boost conversion rates.

6 reasons to use high-quality photography on your website

  • Websites with images get more views
  • Images bring your product or service to life
  • When you do appear in search results, images can win you the click
  • Images help you show up in search engine results
  • Website images increase social sharing
  • Use photos for brochures and social media

They fit well into modern web design.

“We wanted to go where the audience is and create something interesting within those cultural spaces.”

Mobile & sales go hand-in-hand

Martinkovic Milford works directly with developers who are often out of the office and on job sites. So the animated effects and user experience had to be formatted optimally for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We kept the overall experience simple and intuitive to make viewing super easy for all users.

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